Set & Costume Designer

K. Yoland (Video Designer)

Selected credits

  • Operation TumbleweedUSA/Mexican Border
  • Iolanta GSMD Silk Street Theatre, London
  • Great Expectations GSMD Silk Street Theatre, London


K. Yoland is a transdisciplinary artist examining the nature of identity, power, and borders in our society. As a Video Designer Yoland incorporates the methodologies of documentary practice, fictional narrative, political science, improvisation, choreography, surrealism and the absurd.

Yoland lectures in video design for stage and installation, and socio-politically engaged art practice. Previously, they have taught at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and guest lectured extensively internationally.

Featured work

Operation Tumbleweed

Director: K. Yoland

Multi channel video installation, performance, text, sculpture and photography

Exhibited at Pensacola Museum of Art (Florida, 2018-19), Alabama Contemporary (Alabama, 2019), Les beaux-arts de Nantes (France, 2020)


Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Silk Street Theatre, London

Conductor: Dominic Wheeler
Director: Kelly Robinson
Designer: Bridget Kimak
Lighting Designer: Declan Randall

Military Cut

Director: K. Yoland

Supported by Lilah Leopold & Holden Wyckoff

Performers: Ryan González & Dave X

Exhibited at Ancient & Modern (London, UK, 2013), Oklahoma Contemporary (Oklahoma, US, 2014), Pulse PLAY (Miami, US, 2016), The Ringling Museum (Sarasota, US, 2017-18)

Great Expectations

Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Silk Street Theatre, London

Composer: Andy Taylor
Director: Christian Burgess
Designer: Agnes Treplin
Lighting Designer: Johanna Town
Movement: Danny McGrath
Sound Designer: Robert Matthews

Dear Sally, Dear Charles

Director: K. Yoland

This is one video from the video installation ‘Letters without an address’ which integrates video shot across Dallas with subtitles of fictitious letters written in response to news reports and historical events.

Exhibited at McKinney Arts Contemporary (Texas, 2016), Satellite (Miami, 2018)

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